I’ve joined the fediverse after Musk banned linking to other social media sites on Twitter today. Twitter is chaotic now, but not in the cool “Let’s smoke cigarettes behind the dumpster fire” way, and more in the “Let’s watch dad go through a midlife divorce crisis, join a nickelback cover band, wear skinny jeans, and start fights with all of his friends” kind of way.

I added the mastodon SVG to my homepage, but you can find me at @dade@crime.st.

Crime.st is a server that I host and intend to only offer a select few others accounts on. I’d also love to setup a tildeverse server that people can have access to, as I have really loved the tilde community that has sprung up. But there’s something… sketchy about offering all my closest hacker friends to have a shell on a regular old linux box on the internet. I don’t trust my own system administration skills enough to keep that safe lol.

Anyways, short post to announce my new social media presence. I haven’t been using twitter as much this past year anyways, so maybe mastodon will inspire me to get back to it.