dade has spoken on some red team topics before, and maybe he’ll be speaking again soon.


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Building Continuous Reconnaissance into Red Team Operations

Where: aRcTicCON // Minneapolis, MN
When: May 9, 2019
Abstract: Internal red teams deal with an environment that is both constantly changing and seemingly not changing at all. As red teams, it is our responsibility to provide an attacker’s perspective of the network. Traditionally this happens in the form of point in time assessments that may span anywhere from a few days to several months and focus on an objective. This talk proposes an additional service for your red team to provide – a continuously monitored attacker’s perspective of the attack surface. This can be used to enable more timely attack simulations and enable the team to proactively detect flaws in the environment. This talk explores some types of data that can be collected continuously and the value that it can provide to a red team. It will also introduce tooling to automate network scanning for continuous data.

Red Teaming the Red Team

slides (draft)
Where: BSides PDX // Portland, OR
When: October 21, 2017
Abstract: Everyone thinks red teaming is awesome, but what happens when the red team becomes a target?


Darknet Diaries #92 - The Pirate Bay

Where: darknet diaries
When: May 11, 2021
Abstract: I’m not actually featured in this episode, however it does feature a The Pirate Bay themed sea shanty that I wrote. Still counts.

Offensive Security Podcast #3

Where: | spotify | apple podcasts
When: May 1, 2021
Abstract: In this action-packed episode, hosts TJ Null and FalconSpy sit down with 0xdade. Here are some of topics they discuss:

  • How 0xdade broke into InfoSec
  • 0xdade’s OSCP advice
  • The importance of note taking and communication skills in InfoSec
  • The most important quality of a pentester or red teamer
  • 0xdade’s project, Natlas - what it is and what it does
  • Advice for those who want to develop and release their own tools for the community
  • How 0xdade wound up writing and recording the hip-hop/rap song, “Red Team”

Darknet Diaries #35 - Carbanak

Where: darknet diaries
When: April 02, 2019
Abstract: Briefly appear in the intro to speak on ATM hacking in Hollywood. If there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s my knowledge of fictional hacking in entertainment.