Calling this a privacy policy might be a stretch, and a lawyer might have a hernia if they saw it. But I felt it important to share with you what information is collected about you and how it is used.


I don’t want it, you don’t want me to have it, life is good.

What is collected?

This site does not currently make use of any analytics tracking services. If, at a future time, I do desire to introduce analytics, I will opt for a self-hosted option such as Matomo in order to avoid tracking you across the web.

This site does not currently run any advertisements. If, at a future time, I do desire to introduce advertisements, I will opt for privacy preserving advertisements, such as EthicalAds.

This site does not make an effort to fingerprint visitors in any way, however certain information is still collected by way of server access logs. This server uses nginx default combined log format, which contains your IP address, referer [sic] and your user agent string. For more information about what is contained in this log format, please review the corresponding nginx documentation on log_format. But frankly, I only ever look at the logs if someone tells me there is a problem, and no one has told me there is a problem.

How is it used?

Server access logs are stored for up to 30 days before being purged, and are only reviewed if there is a suspected problem with the site.


This website does not set any cookies for any purpose at this time. This may change in the future without notice, should I introduce analytics, advertisements, or more advanced application features.

Third Party Assets

While CDN hosted assets may improve performance, I don’t want visitors to my website to have to load resources from third parties and make those web requests by simply visiting the page. However, some blog posts may include images hosted on imgur, gifs hosted on giphy, iframed videos hosted on youtube, or reference tweets with an embedded tweet viewer. As such, the relevant domains are included below:

  • *


This site is hopefully Tor friendly. It provides a hidden service URL, available in three locations:

  • Header menu (pink onion icon)
  • Footer menu (pink onion icon)
  • Onion-Location HTTP header

Additionally, this website should “just work” without Javascript, for those who are looking for maximum browsing privacy. The CSS theme changer in the menu won’t work, the mobile menu bar won’t work, and the cool (or annoying, its all about perspective) background effect won’t work, but otherwise all content should be available.