I am tired of only ever writing on the bird hell site and then losing the few good thoughts that do ooze out of me in a sea of my own bullshit. I miss the days of my first website. No, not Microsoft Frontpage, or the use of <table> tags for all of my formatting, or the 2px tall straight line images that I used as separators because border-radius had not blessed the masses. Especially not the gratuitous use of <marquee> and <blink> tags.

With the advent of social media, I think we generally lost something wonderful. A place that belongs to us, where we can write about whatever we want, without the pressure of getting likes and retweets and favs. I’m 100% going to tweet a link to this blog post and then still rake in those sweet, sweet internet points. But I can write my thoughts out longer here. I’d be like 7 tweets in by now if this was a thread. I’m honestly not even sure I can think in more than 280 characters at a time, anymore. But I’d like to try.

I’d really love to visit more people’s blogs and read their longer content and see how they choose to represent themselves online. I’d like to share that with others, too. With that in mind, I’m adding a webring to my website. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a real web ring, I’m not only going to add you to my site if you add me to yours. But I do have some criteria that I’d really like to encourage people to do, with a few reasons for each. These criteria are:

  • It’s your personal site or an independent organization site. I don’t want to link to your company blog. The world has enough of that.
  • It’s served over https. Https is for more than just sensitive information these days. It protects the people who visit your website from person-in-the-middle content injection. Letsencrypt makes Https easy.
  • It has a blog or other content feed. A website that never changes is fine and all, but I’d like to share with people who are interested in adding more content rather than just hosting a simple “this is how you contact me” page or a single page resume. Show_me_what_you_got.jpeg
  • It has an RSS feed. I miss RSS. It was so nice. Now I have to risk seeing people’s reddit comments when I want to see new content. Or worse, the orange site. *shudders* My site has an RSS feed available. The static site generator I use, Hugo, makes it for me automatically.
  • Optional (but preferred): It has an onion address and is accessible via the Tor network. I wrote a pretty comprehensive blogpost for building a hidden service from scratch, but you probably won’t need all of these steps. There are plenty of guides online about setting up hidden services, though. I encourage you to go looking. This website has a hidden service available, too. dadedade5akzwc4p.onion

There are lots of people in infosec who I respect who have their own sites where they publish content. Some of them:

There are tons and tons more, these are just some that I recommend you check out off the top of my head. These are sites that I’m going to add to my webring page today.

If you’d like to be added, send me a link to your site at 0xdade on the bird site or dade ​​[a​t]​​ actualcrimes ​​[d​o​t]​​ org (I added zero width spaces to this so that bots won’t scrape it as readily. Please type it in manually.) Extra bonus points if you include an onion link for your site in the message as well. We can be darknet buddies. OooooOooOoooo SpooOoooOoooOOOkY *darknet*